Tips for Anxiety-Free Holiday Travel

· By Jordan ·

With the holidays approaching, travel (amongst other things) can cause a lot of us major anxiety. The thought of crowded airports, lost baggage, canceled flights and screaming children is enough for some of us to say “screw it!” and stay home with A Christmas Story on repeat. But at Glimpse we want to keep you from going completely insane, so we have compiled a short, helpful yet humorous list of tips that will help you combat the nerves, without having to resort to tears, IV drips, or locking yourselves in a closet (plus we promised our own families that wouldn’t happen again this year…)


1) No alcohol the night before
Hangovers cause anxiety. Just wait until you get on the airplane. This Carry On Cocktail Kit is pretty amazing

2) Get plenty of sleep the night before
Fatigue can exacerbate anxiety so getting plenty of sleep before an early morning flight will help combat that. Take a sleeping pill and barricade your door.

3) Meditate
Meditation is a cure for all things – anxiety, fear, sleepless nights. We like this app by Headspace.


4) Do not rush
Make sure to give your family plenty of time to get to the airport and relax before boarding a flight. If you have to get your kids up 30 minutes earlier and bribe them with candy then so be it.

5) Stay hydrated
It has long been said that water can cure everything. I chug a couple of glasses before a flight to stay healthy and hydrated. Plus extra trips to the bathroom mean that much more alone time.

6) Carry Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence
I have turned a few friends on to this elixir and they all agree it is very calming. Sprinkle a few drops onto a handkerchief (mine is from D. Porthault) and breathe in whenever feeling anxious. The eucalyptus immediately calms me down so I don’t strangle someone.

7) Download the Calm app
This app helps you remember to breathe in deeply followed by a long exhale, while watching a calming scene from nature with pleasing sounds. Since we definitely never get to hear anything like that at home.


And if these tips don’t work, there’s always children’s Benadryl.








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