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Stress-free Packing Tips by Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, founder of Gilt Groupe

Jordan Rhodes


Stress-free Packing Tips by the Founder of Gilt Groupe

As frazzled parents who can barely keep our lives in order – this most definitely includes myself! – the last thing we want to do is organize our closets. So I was thrilled when my friend Lindley Pless of The Sentimentalist introduced me to Gilt Groupe and GlamSquad founder Alexandra Wilson who just launched a brilliant new organization service called Fitz. The company’s personal stylists will come to your home, go through your closet, and help you decide what to keep, how to organize it, how to wear it, and also which pieces to sell. And they’ll do it for your kids, as well. Afterwards, you will receive a list of recommended products and outfits to purchase, and they will also resell the items you no longer need. For $300 for three hours, I can’t think of a better way to spend money on my house (and my sanity). As a bonus for Glimpse readers, Wilson and Fitz’ head of marketing, Rachel Sacks-Hoppenfeld, have compiled a list of packing tips for your summer travels:
•    Less is more!
•    Pick a color theme for your travels (this will ensure that your pieces are all interchangeable and will help you create outfits easily, and then you will need fewer options!)
•    Pick your travel outfit well (try to wear your bulkier items, e.g.. outerwear & denim, and make sure they coordinate with the other pieces in your suitcase)
•    Use packing cubes or zip lock bags to stay organized and save space
•    Roll instead of fold! (it takes up less room and clothes come out surprisingly less wrinkled!) Undergarments, socks, and other small items can be rolled inside shoes or bags!

Key items:
•    Pack a bathing suit (they take up virtually no room and always end up coming in handy!)
•    Flip flops take up very little space and are always functional (our current favorites are Tkees, they can be dressed up or down and are incredibly comfortable!)
•    Denim shorts (they go day-to-night, with flats or heels and never go out of style)
•    Pack that easy, breezy dress (dresses take up less room than pants and can be worn day or night depending on your shoes!)
•    Minimal accessories (wear most (or all) of what you want to bring during travel, and try to include a simple pair of hoops or a statement earring to accent any easy outfit)
•    A neutral bag (right now small cross body bags work for day or night and a pale pink, light grey or tan color will go with anything this summer!)