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Purple Dragon: Private Children's Club in London

Jordan Rhodes


It's always fun to see guest bloggers on websites, and I'm excited that my first one is reporting from London, my favorite city. Rebecca Thomson moved there in 2010 to pursue her Master's in Contemporary Design from Sotheby's Institute of Art. After working in a London gallery for four years, she is now launching a children's bedding company (I am so excited!) alongside business partner Clara Sheppard, with whom she attended Sotheby's. She and her husband Ben, who owns a bicycle company and a distribution company, live in Wimbledon with their 4 year old daughter Georgia Isabel, and 1 year old daughter Elizabeth Emmet. Today, Rebecca talks about one of her favorite places to take them...

By Rebecca Thomson

When I moved from Virginia to London 6 years ago, the smaller living spaces and lack of giant backyards wasn't a major concern of mine. Finding the perfect (albeit it tiny) flat in the cutest neighborhood, exploring the plethora of pubs, and going to the newest exhibitions were at the top of my list instead. Fast forward to April 2014 when my daughter Georgia was born, and this all changed!

London has no shortage of beautiful parks, and we are lucky enough to have one of my personal favorites (Wimbledon Common) on our doorstep. But with all the highs of living in what I consider to be the best city in the world comes its biggest and most infamous low: the weather. What was I going to do with my "highly-spirited" 2 year old that loves to run, jump, and be downright WILD during the long winter months and rainy spring days when playing outside just wasn't an option? (To put things into perspective, my Georgie is the child that tries to climb into the shark tanks at the London Aquarium and doesn't think twice about attempting to slide down the 5 flight railing in Knightsbridge tube station.)

Lucky for us, Purple Dragon isn't too far and has been the ultimate lifesaver. Here she can do all of those things within the comforts of Central London- minus the shark tanks- although they do have an aquarium! The Art Room seems to be her personal favorite (she gets it from her Mama!) but other days she can be found jumping on the giant trampoline, playing in the ballpits, or sharing a fresh pasta bolognese with her sister and friends in the restaurant. Added bonus: there's even a full bar menu for the parents to enjoy while their littles are swinging from the rafters. It's a win-win.

For children we’re a place of limitless opportunity, somewhere to roam and have choice, to discover and create, to laugh and learn. State of the art facilities for music, dance, art, design, cooking, sport and imaginative play, which are brought to life by our highly trained play buddies. Fun with a learning by-product. - Purple Dragon
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Purple Dragon is a private member's club for children located in Chelsea, West London. They offer full time, part time, and out of town memberships. Price on Application. For more information, please contact

Photos by Rebecca Thomson