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the ‘glimpse the city’ series...

a glimpse of newport

Jordan Rhodes

Newport, Rhode Island is one of my favorite destinations, mainly for its abundance of beautiful Gilded Age mansions which were the summer "cottages" of many famous tycoons in the late 1800s. A full city guide will be available in the near future, but until then please enjoy A Glimpse of Newport by Julia Dzafic, longtime fan of the seaside city, author of the insanely popular blog, Lemon Stripes, and mom to Amalia, 1. 

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a glimpse of the hamptons

Jordan Rhodes

Plans for a Hamptons guide will begin soon, so until then, please enjoy a Glimpse of this famous area by Samantha Mollett, a former Fashion Editor and stylist. Samantha lives in Greenwich, CT with her husband and their 3 children. She spends her summers enjoying the beach and everything else the Hamptons has to offer with her kids in Southampton, NY.

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