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the ‘glimpse the city’ series...

a glimpse of nantucket

Jordan Rhodes


Plans for a Nantucket guide will begin soon, so until then, please enjoy a Glimpse of this charming island by Meg Nolan van Reesema, a veteran to the island, founder of Friend of a Friend Consulting, a luxury trip design agency, Editor in Chief of Goodspeed Magazine and mom to two busy boys.

Food Favorites...

Upscale restaurant? — Cru
Casual restaurant? — Nautilus or Ventuno Back Bar
Restaurant with kids? — Jetties Beach - you simply can’t beat the location, the sunsets or the pan pizza

Shopping Favorites...

Clothing boutique for yourself? - David Chase
Clothing boutique for kids? - Pinwheels has a great end of summer sale
Home decor store? - The lion’s Paw
Jewelry store? - I love the vintage collection at
Skincare store? - Good old Pharmacy is where I go for my Maria Badescu
Paper store? - Parchment

Activity Favorites...

With kids? - Paddleboarding and sailing on Jetties
With your husband? — sanford farm run
With friends? - 40th pole beach picnic
With visiting friends? - washing pond beach picnic

Hotel Favorites...

For a romantic weekend? - Wauwinet
For your parents/in-laws? - White Elephant Inn
For visiting single friends?- Vanessa Noel Hotel
For visiting families? - White Elephant Residences or Nantucket Hotel


Neighborhood? - The Cliff (Nostalgia will win that every time for me)
Park? - Childrens Beach
Museum? - Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum
Spa? - Wauwinet (very small)

General travel favorites...

Destination with kids? — Nantucket is definitely up there, otherwise Italy
Destination with spouse? - St. Barths
Stroller? - Bob is indestructible thus far
Kids travel bag? - The skip hop duo diaper bag is amazing, though not chic, but classic black nylon gets you through anything.
Your handbag? - Can’t beat the waterproof nature of a longchamp
Airplane activity for kids? - dare I say iPads? Otherwise hangman, coloring, and highlights magazines
Airplane activity for yourself? - tripping through a hudson news-bought crime thriller  (Never have I done that with kids onboard though)
Must-have for your child's carry on? - change of clothes, sometimes 2
Must-have for your carry-on? - pashmina / scarf
Tips? - Travel with intent each and every trip, no matter how selfish that intent may sometimes be, its direction will guide you towards a successful journey and more enlightening experience away from home.